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Lick the Spoon

angel cups

Yep. Angel food. The queen of no-fat cake.  

I used to have no interest in angel food until I actually made it.

Actually, that's not totally true. 

I lived off of "angel cake" when I was in college.

Remember those rectangle snack cakes from the vending machine -- the kind that were really spongey and had peelable pink icing?

I dug up a photo of one here -- "Mini Frosty Angel Cake" by Dolly Madison.

I guess those cakes may not exactly be angel food, though, with "vegetable and/or animal shortening" and sodium stearoyl lactylate and...other things.

So I took a stab at creating my own angel food bars with pink icing...

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the irish

Irish cream, pralines, coffee and pound cake in a jar.

It doesn't have to be homemade.

Yes. I did it the "old fashioned" way and I've written recipes for every part of this thing -- they're all down below.

But if you just want to buy the cake, the cream, the pralines -- do it.

Spike the whipped cream with Irish Cream.

Crush up the pralines.

Soak -- and I mean really soak -- cubes of pound cake in super strong coffee and Kahlua.

Then drop them in a jar, chill and lick...

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lemon-iced blueberry muffins and the winner is...


I don't know. I think muffins can suck sometimes. A lot of times. I rarely make them. 

But I read somewhere about how to nail that muffin texture I was looking for.

It had to do with really thick batter. So I nixed any ideas I had about adding lemon juice to my batter and stuck with zest. 

And tangy Greek yogurt.

And lots of blueberries.

But! I have to interrupt my muffin talk with a side note.

A cookie note.

Toni won the photo contest!

Her chocolate chip-pretzel cookies looked and sounded so good...

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cinnamon sugar chips & pink fluff + contest today!

Before I jump into this pink fluff...

The's the day! Yeah.

You want to win a $20 Amazon gift certificate?

Turn in your cookie! :)

Now...about that fluff...



Cool Whip.

Super pinkish and kind of girlie.

I like it. 

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