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chocolate orange breakfast cake

I wasn't even going to post this. Not when I tried it straight out of the oven. 

Warm -- this cake was ok. It was pretty good. But not postable.

But then I put it in the refrigerator. 

And by the next morning, this thing had turned into a fabulous little cake.

It was awesome.

I got to wake to yummy chocolate and cool, light, creamy cheesecake.

This is totally an overnighter.

It's easy.

Just put everything together and bake the night before.

Then you just let it chill until the next morning.

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20 autumn sweets for your oven

Fall baking -- I'm totally in deep.

I love the smell of cinnamon and rising dough in the kitchen.

I love the sun, too, but a dark gray day on the cool side makes me want to hibernate near my oven.

And it's cool and breezy enough to open the doors and windows, so I'm loving it in here.

Here are 20 fall desserts -- lots of cinnamon, apples, brioche, brown sugar, browned butter -- to get you going in the kitchen...

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apple-cinnamon hand pies

I've been away...but not far.

I've been in my kitchen, making bread and pies with Julia.

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autumn pear cake

My dad brought by a bunch of pears in a paper sack.

About 30 pears he picked from a tree near his workshop.

I've been looking forward to these pears since he told me about that tree.

He dropped them off like it was no big deal, but, really, I've never been so happy about a bunch of pears.

Actually, I haven't even really bothered baking with pears much before this week.

I waited for them to ripen just a bit, get just the tiniest bit softer.

Then I began to bake.

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